HDMI Video + USB mouse+Keyboard Converter

Support advanced uncompressed digital HD video + USB mouse+Keyboard and can transmit a variety of the output resolution of HDMI high-definition signal.

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Product Features: 

◆ All-digital, uncompressed, high-definition optical transmission
◆ Support 1 channel 1 channel HDMI high-definition video and two-way audio (analog stereo or digital stereo) signal parallel remote transmission, etc.
◆ Compatible with standard HDMI 

◆ Automatic identification and configuration of various display modes
◆ Support HDMI 1600×1200, HDMI1920x1080 @ 60Hz, HDTV 1080p 1920×1080 @ 60Hz resolution, resolution, maximum bandwidth of 500MHz
◆ Built-in super dynamic image processing technology, the picture is clear and stable
◆ Support stereo audio, microphone or headphone output or input
◆ AES / EBU digital audio 110Ω balanced professional XLR socket standard

◆ Compatible with any professional AES / EBU, AES3id 75Ω unbalanced standard digital audio
◆ Compatible with any consumer IEC 60958 Type II S / PDIF 75Ω digital audio standards
◆ Built-in cable automatic equalizer and clock retiming
◆ Single and multi-mode fiber transmission
◆ No software setup, plug and play, hot swappable
◆ Industrial design, high reliability
◆ Support user customization and OEM

Order Information: 

 Max transmission distance
BGHDMI-1V1A HDMI Video +audio  Converter 500M(Multimode),20km(Single mode) 
BGHDMI-1V-USB  HDMI  Video Converter+ USB mouse+Keyboard 20KM(Single Mode)


Technical Specification
Product Name HDMI Video + USB mouse+Keyboard Converter
Description 1 channel HDMI video+USB mouse+Keyboard
Ports 1 channel HDMI port+USB mouse+Keyboard
Transmission Distance 500M(Multimode) 20km(Single mode)
Fiber Interface FC single mode/Multimode fiber
Video Interface HDMI
Video bandwidth 5.4Gbps-10.2Gbps
Working Environment Operating Temperature:  -40°~ 85°C
Storage Temperature: -45°~ 95°C
Operating Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing
EMI Compatiblity  FCC Class A CE
Total power consumption 2.5W(Input:DC5V)
Power Supply DC5V
Dimensions size 14*8*3cm
Warranty 3 year warranty