8 CH SDI Video Multiplexer

Supoort 8 channel high-definition HD-SDI camera video signal and control PTZ.

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◆ Compatible with HD-SDI and ASI signals, SDI / ASI signal adaptive

◆ Meet SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE310, SMPTE305 (SDTI) standard
◆ Automatically adapt SDI143 Mbps, 177 Mbps, 270Mbps, 360 Mbps, 540Mbps, 1.48Gbitt rate
◆ High-precision PCR correction, the average PCR jitter is usually maintained at 20 ~ 60ns
◆ Transmitter output power 0 ~ -14dBm (loss determined according to the actual chain of transmission power)
◆ By Pathological (extremely harsh environments) Test
◆ Support 1080P 30HZ / 1080I / 720P; suitable for HD-SDI monitoring system and the broadcasting system.
◆ Full surface mount technology
◆ Industrial design, high reliability
◆ Support customization and OEM


◆ Urban Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITS), Safe City
◆ Highway monitoring system, electronic road monitoring, capture system
◆ Large industrial enterprise security monitoring system, network multifunction system
◆ Remote multimedia teaching / campus monitoring, video conferencing systems
◆ Long-distance radio and television, high-quality video and audio transmission system

◆ Building intercom, military communications, military surveillance

Ordering information

Model Specification  Distance
BGSDI-8VZ-2 SDI Video Multiplexer 500m(Multimode Single Fiber)
BGSDI-8VZ-20 SDI Video Multiplexer 20km(Single Mode Dual Fiber)
BGSDI-8VZ1DF-20 HD-SDI+1 CH Reverse Data Video Multiplexer  20 km(Single Mode Single Fiber)


Technical Specification
Product Name HD-SDI video converter
Model BGSDI-8VZ1DF-20
Description Compatible with SDI and ASI signal,SDI/ASI signal self-adaption
Ports 8 channel HD-SDI + 1 channel reverse data(RS485/232/422 data)
Transmission Distance 20km-100km
Fiber Interface FC 1310nm/1550nm
Video Interface BNC
Reflection loss >15dB
Working Environment Operating Temperature:  -40° 85°C

Storage Temperature: -45° 95°C

Operating Humidity: 5%95% non-condensing
EMI Compatiblity  FCC Class A CE
Total power consumption 3w(Input:DC5V)
Power Supply AC85-260V/50Hz
Dimensions size 20.8*20.8*2.5cm
Warranty 3 year warranty