8-CH CVI/AHD video converter-1080P

8 Channel 1080P CVI-AHD-TVI HD video transmission.

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◆ Lossless, HD, real-time transmission
◆ Automatic identify the input video formats
◆ Support ultra-distance coaxial transmission
◆ Support single fiber simultaneously transmit multiple video and composite signals
◆ Supports a variety of standard switch 720p | 25/30/50/60 frame, 1080p | 25/30 frames
◆ Wide temperature dust-free prospective industrial design, the device supports outdoor high and low temperature harsh environments
◆ Plug and play, easy installation and operation

◆ Urban Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITS), Safe City, Wireless City
◆ Highway monitoring system, Electronic road monitoring, Capture system
◆ Large industrial enterprise security monitoring systems, network multifunction system
◆ Remote multimedia teaching / Campus monitoring, Video conferencing systems

◆ Long-distance radio and television, high-quality video and audio transmission system

◆ Building intercom, Military communications, Military surveillance
 Order Information  

 Specification (Fiber Interface: FC)
 Transmission Distance
 1-CH CVI Video Converter,Single fiber, FC, DC5V2A
 2-CH CVI Video Converter,Single fiber, FC, DC5V2A
 4-CH CVI Video Converter,Single fiber, FC, DC5V2A
 8-CH CVI Video Converter,Single fiber, FC, DC5V2A
 BGCVI-H16VZ-20 16-CH CVI Video Converter,Single fiber, FC, AC220V 20KM


Technical Specification
Product Name 8 Channel CVI/AHD video converter
Model BGCVI-H8VZ-20
Description HDCVI/AHD coaxial
Ports One FC fiber port+ 16 BNC port
Transmission Distance 20KM(Single mode)
Fiber Interface FC 1310nm/1550nm
Video Interface BNC
Physical Interface FC fiber interface
Single Mode/Multimode
Transmission distance 0~500M(multimode) / 0~20/40KM(single mode)
Input / output wavelength The transmitter side: 1310nm transmit 1550nm receive;
The receiving side: 1550nm transmit 1310nm receive
Laser power -8~ -3dBm / -3~+2dBm
Receiver sensitivity -25dBm
Fiber Type Multimode:
Single mode: 9/125um
Video 720p|25/30 fps
1080p|25/30 fps
Input Level >500mVp-p
Output Level 1Vp-p
Automatic cable  1080p: 75-5 Coax Support 300m  720p: 75-5 Coax Support 500m
Input and output impedance 75Ω
Physical Interface BNC
Video Input 8 channels
Video Output 8 channels
Output loop-through 8 channels
Video Bandwidth 45MHz
Sampling bandwidth 10bit
Baud Rate 1200-9600bps
BER <10-9
Operating mode Half-duplex
Working Environment Operating Temperature:  -40°~ 85°C
Storage Temperature: -45°~ 95°C
Operating Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing
Warranty 3 year warranty